We are living in the generation that’s tired of people telling us what to do, what to eat, what we should aspire to, how to behave and of course, what to wear. We have grown up in an era where everything is labeled and all those labels carry a load of moral standards, values, and prejudice. We have proved to be a rebellious generation who fights every day to break all those walls and barriers that are built by society.     

Fashion has always set rebels and social patterns against them. Bold people used the way of dressing to make statements against the standards of the time in which they lived. Women wearing pants since the 18th century and men carry skirts and dresses. And now most of the people are interested to know about how to look androgynous.   

Gender differentiation is now getting blurred in a quest for equality. Whether it’s a matter of open-mindedness of this generation or fight against gender labels, androgynous clothing has set its way to millennial fashion trends.


How To Look Androgynous

If you are curious to know how to be androgynous then have a look at this complete guide on how to look androgynous according to personality.

Dressing style for feminine and femmes looking people

feminine and femmes looking people

Below are some helpful dressing suggestions for feminine or femmes looking people who want to know how to look androgynous.

- Affix with gray, black and white: An ideal androgynous look relies on shades of gray, black and white. But the occasional splash of color can also amp up the look. You should affix with more neutral tones.

    - Carry loose bottoms: If you wear tight pants or tight bottoms then it will show off your curves and feminine figure that is totally opposite of androgynous look. Try those best pants that are a bit less fitted. Boyfriend jeans can be a good option and look nice when paired cardigan and a cool t-shirt.  

    - Carry an oversized shirt: Like loose pants, a loose top can also help in hiding your figure more better than something super fitted. Try men’s button-up shirts in different prints or colors for mix and matching them with different bottoms. Try a simple white shirt under a cardigan with a pair of canvas sneakers and boyfriend jeans.

    - Try a vest coat: Vest is another good option to add androgynous style to your basic pieces. Carry a vest over a printed or plain top and pair it with pants and leather boots. You can also wear a watch to complete the look.

      - Choose masculine fabrics: Try some items in masculine fabrics like corduroy, tweed, or leather. Fabrics that are a more structured bit heavier, and don’t conform to the shape of your body can help you to complete your everyday androgynous look.


      Dressing style for Masculin looking people

      Masculin looking people

       If you are having a masculine body and want to know how to look androgynous then below are some dressing suggestions that can help you.  

      - Wear fitted bottoms or harem trousers: For the perfect androgynous look, choose fitted bottom instead of baggy pants. You can also try skinny jeans or well-fitted dress pants. If you love bold look then choose harem trousers pairing with a fitted button-up shirt.

        - Choose tailored tops: Fitted tops are good for the masculine looking people who want to look androgynous. Instead of carrying loose t-shirt try a tailored top with your favorite jeans with canvas sneakers to complete the look.

          - Try floral prints: A floral print can give a perfect feminine touch to your look. You can try corduroy pants with a floral top, or floral pants with a simple white button-down shirt. Give finishing to a look with a briefcase and a stylish watch.  

          - Wear feminine fabrics: Always select items made from feminine fabrics, like satin, silk, and velvet. You can also pair a velvet blazer with skinny jeans and sneakers, or can also dress up with fitted black pants and oxfords. 


          Accessories for an androgynous look

           - Pick a leather or stylish belt in dark shade for a chic versatile accessory.

          - Oxfords are an androgynous staple, select a black or brown pair and carry them with jeans or dress pants. If you like the casual look then try sneakers with a fun print and neutral colors.

          - The hat is one of the perfect accessories for the androgynous look. You can also try newsboy cap, fedora, or even a baseball hat.
            - Pick a chunky, bold, metallic watch to compliment your androgynous look.
              - A combo of a purse and a briefcase is the perfect mix of feminine and masculine.

                Androgynous Makeup and Hairstyle


                - Use foundation and concealer minimally for the natural look.

                - People with masculine features can tweeze their eyebrows for a more feminine shape. And for the people with feminine features can go for bold brows for a boyish look.

                  - Choose neutral eyeshadow, it can help to hide gender lines.
                    - Black eyeliner makes your eyes pop and it is best for a traditionally feminine look.

                      - Apply neutral lip gloss.


                      - Slicked back your hair. It can ramp up the edginess of your look. Use pomade or gel for shiny and sleek style.

                        - Though you don’t have to have short hair to get the androgynous look, apply a pixie cut or even a buzz cut or a shaved head.
                          - Try a curly mohawk. You can also shave the sides of your head to get the best look.
                            - The shaggy hairstyle is perfect to get an androgynous look. It is suitable for both men and women. It’s a versatile and low-maintenance style.
                              - Try highlights on your hair or go for a bold color like purple. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color in your hair.

                                Fashion always has been a powerful tool to determine a society, it's a drive, its moral values and it’s a way to perceive the world. Although, there have always been awful persons rebelling against these parameters. If you are one of them and a big fan of androgynous style then let us know how much you like this guide in the comments below!