Are you wondering, What is the best personalized gift for hippie? The below list of best hippie gifts has a lot of ideas for you!

Peace, protest, and free love might have defined the original generation of the hippie, but today, they are still seriously independent and self-sufficient. This year, think about the things like Eco-friendly gifts, and something that’s a cool throwback, or ideas for a personalized gift for hippie that celebrate their unique sense of self. I have compiled a list to help you find the best gifts for hippies.

Hippies are spiritually centered, environmentally conscious, and socially savvy. They are some of the simplicity from the past, but also they are people who like things way before they are cool. They are the new shakers and movers, trendsetters, and thinkers. So you should gift them something ultimate which proved as the best personalized gift for hippie and they will definitely love it for a birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion.

Today it’s all about granola, crunchy, natural person! This list of best hippie gifts is for all those who are free-spirit, Bohemian, Wiccan, Hippie, and Earth-Child Gifts for Girls and Women, etc.

The best gift for a free-spirited hippie is going to take some time and work. Because, we all know, it’s not the expensive or fancy gifts that get to them. You require to find one that not only appeals to their sense of hippie charm but also has a deep philosophical beauty that can totally relate to the hipster. Whether it’s decorations, fashion items, or simply hippie ornaments, these hippie gifts can even be regular items that can be transformed by art and color into lovely bohemian items that a hippie will fall in love with. Here are some fantastic ideas you can check out.

Who are Hippies?

Hippies, do not get confused with hipsters, are reject mainstream and independent culture for a more healthy, natural, sustainable future, and Eco-conscious, with a little love and female free spirit thrown in the mix.

Hippies, typically boho, and free-spirited are those people who definitely spread love and generally reject conventional practices. They may be creative or a writer, or both. They always love to walk to the beat of their own drum and are unapologetic about it. 

List Of Best Gift For Hippie:

If you are searching for an Eco-friendly and unique personalized gift for hippie then have a look at the list that got you covered.

Whether the person is a bohemian, hippie, star-child, or just a little health-crunchy, they will adore these BEST gifts for hippies!

Here are some ideas about what to buy for the loved one who is hippie:

  • A nature-themed gift
  • Anything that spreads love and awareness
  • Boho clothing and accessories
  • Boho decor
  • Fair-trade items
  • Locally made items

The following list had plenty of fun thinking about gift ideas for hippies that I have put together in this fantastic gift guide together so you can get great gift ideas for hippies.


Hippie Cloth Mask

Hippie Cloth Mask Looking for something simple that your loved one who is a hippie can use every day? Get them  a mask! 


The mask can be styled for any season and is made of very high-quality material! A natural mask is a great option for those hippies who like to wear natural and neutral and colors. The mask features soft fabric to cover your mouth and nose and an elastic band to loop around your ears. They are not medical-grade face masks but they consist of a double layer of fabric. They are washable and reusable.

New and improved face masks for adults and kids are available. It helps slow down the spread of the virus. They are beautifully decorated face covering that features adjustable, upgraded ear loops and nose wire to ensure the best fit. The adjustable nose bridge wire allows you to perfectly conform the top of the mask around the shape of your nose, and with the help of adjustable ear loops, you can set the tension on the face mask straps to get an easy fit for your face and ears just right. There are plenty of designs or you can also customize it with your own custom masks by uploading photos, slogans, or logos. etc.

Most states are enforcing to wear a mask, so wear your pride on your mask until COVID blows over!

Get the one from HERE: Hippie Smoking Cloth Mask.


Hippie Tumbler

The best gift represents all that is fun and free about the hippie mentality. So, if you are searching for the perfect gifts for hippies that shows their free-spirited lifestyle then an insulated travel mug or a tumbler is the perfect option for you. 

It features the classic stylish look and is also available in various designs and patterns that  your hippie is surely going to love. A fully customized product that you can count on it being the kind of quality that you would expect. It helps in keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours to sustain your giftee fueled for fun at all times.

This groovy tumbler or travel mug can be found in various brands with a retro design which is the perfect gift item for the hippie in your life. Some of these travel mugs are inspired by the hippie days and provides a classic look to the mug. You can enjoy your adventure all day long with this excellent mug which is a perfect travel accessory for the hippie at heart.

Make a purchase from HERE: Personalized Tumbler

Unisex T-shirt

Hippie Unisex T-shirt

If you’re seeking hippie fashion that is a little less expensive then a unisex t-shirt is the right option for you!

The basic t-shirt features a relaxed fit for all shapes. It is made from 100% cotton and this t-shirt is both soft and durable. A great combination if you're searching for that casual wardrobe staple. So, don’t delay and choose a design from the marketplace or customize it and unleash your creativity!

Casual, comfortable, and loose-fitting, this heavyweight dark color t-shirt will quickly and easily become one of the favorites of your hippie. They are unisex and wears well on anyone and everyone. To provide extra durability, these t-shirts are available in double-needle stitched bottom and sleeve hems. A great addition to any wardrobe.

Buy it from HERE: Unisex T-Shirt.


Hippie Shoes

Make a loud hippie statement with lovely and customized shoes that look more than just your typical classic shoes. They are found in various beautiful colors to give the best hippie effect so the bohemian will love it so much. They are durable enough and can be worn in shine or rain without any fear of the color running off. It’ is the perfect gift for the hippie.         

Hipsters can be both men and women, just can’t seem to get enough of these cool pair of shoes. Their casual style and classic slip-on design fit with everything from jeans to leggings. And because of this hipsters demand comfort above all. These shoes have a padded insole and collar that make feet feel protected and pampered from shock. Popular as a board shoe, these are a solid style selection for anyone who wants to look cool and feel good doing it. 

Good quality shoes must-have features like:

  • Microfiber leather upper with rounded toe construction.
  • Lace-up closure for a snug fit.
  • Rubber out sole pods are strategically placed to optimize traction and flexibility.
  • High-quality rubber out sole for traction and exceptional durability.

Get this classic pair of shoes in various patterns and colors, from superheroes to animal prints, or can customize them according to your choice. They are perfect for the anti-heroes who love the sport.           

Get your pair from HERE: Hippie Shoes.


Hippie Blanket

Add some comfort and coziness to your hippie’s room with a unique, upscale, and colorful blanket!

A blanket is a large piece of soft material that is created to keep the user warm and cozy. Body heat is trapped under the blanket and rather than dissipating in the air actually stays in the blanket, reflects back down, and warms.

Blankets are made with Eco-yarns that are environmentally friendly and recycled fibers. These versatile blankets are good to take to a festival, lawn show, picnic, beach, or just to snuggle up on your couch.                       

For everyone who loves to have a Bohemian style then a cozy blanket is woven in brilliant patterns and vibrant colors is the perfect gift for them. This soft throw blanket can be perfectly draped over the back of a chair and it is also big enough to snuggle up with someone special on the couch while binge-watching their fave throwback shows. Due to its high-end look, and yet this blanket is easy to machine wash and care for.

You can find such a great selection of blankets for you and your hippie to gift to choose from. It is well-loved and very popular to use. So, if it is a unique hippy blanket that you want or, after rugs and blankets then choose the one from the exclusive collection. 

The good quality blankets feature a premium suede polyester print with beautiful color vibrancy and an extra Sherpa fur layer. Each quilt blanket is made of 100% cotton and 100% polyester filling which provides a comfy and warm to the user. Their active printing adopts pure and natural vegetable or mineral dyes that always featured high color fastness and non-fading culture.

Get it from HERE: Hippie Blanket.

Hippie Cap

 Hippie Cap

Looking for some awesome hippie head wear? Then you have landed at the right place as here I got you covered in this happy hippie cap which is versatile and colorful that your hippie can wear wherever their heart takes them. It is the perfect accessory to add to any hippie wardrobe, so get ready to gift the fantastic cap and make your hippie join the ranks of hippie legends.

The cap features a flexible wired brim, high-quality material, a colorful stripe. Gift this to your hippie to wear this piece to their favorite summer show and show. The cap has an adjustable strap, and brass buckle in the back to customize the fit. Although some caps are available in one size that fits most.

Add a personalized hippie touch to your hippie dressing with a beautiful hat. These are made from natural material and are designed to be completely warm and comfy with a soft feeling for the head and it doesn’t itch. They are also completely durable and waterproof that makes them the perfect hippie wear for every weather. Its timeless style is great for any occasion or even blocking the rays at an outdoor concert or festival.

These caps are made of pure cotton and polyester material that helps you to keep cool in the days of summer. They are best suitable for vacation, beach, any kind of trips, outdoor activities like fishing, street strolling, etc. Perfect sun protection head wear. They come with a wide area to feature your design, and you can also personalize it with your favorite text, photos, or you can put almost anything on them. It’s a great way to create something completely unique.

Get yours from HERE: Hippie Cap.


When you are going shopping for your hippie then always consider browns and green-toned items that are related to some rainbows, lots of nature, or maybe some tie-dye. Hoodies, Sweatshirts, and phone covers are also some of the good items to gift! These above-mentioned hippie gifts work well for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or any other gift-giving occasion.

So if you are looking for a gift that is gender-neutral then tap into the above awesome unisex gifts for some really great ideas.

What did you think about this gift guide for hippies? What did you buy for the hippie in your life? Do you have any other suggestions?  Just comment and share below!