If we travel back to the 1950s, you will observe that badass chain wallets were an extremely famous accessory. Being functional and simultaneously stylish, they helped to secure billfolds in place. These accessories were especially widespread among bikers. While riding, a biker can easily lose wallet without even noticing it. Although a wallet chain helps to provide the desired peace of mind by ensuring that the wallet is safely fastened to your belt and it is going to get lost.  

Badass Chain Wallets

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The primary feature of biker wallets is a wide chain that is simply attached to a belt loop. The next side of the chain clips on to a wallet that is equipped with a special grommet. Such a simple system can help in securing your wallet and also prevent it from falling out of the pocket. Do you ever notice that when you hold a wallet in your back pocket, it slips out when you sit down? If you aren’t paranoid enough to check your wallet every 5 minutes then you can easily lose it somewhere like in the bar, in an eatery, at the gas station, at a store, etc. Although this will not happen if you have a chain. Even, if a wallet slips out of your pocket, it will just hang at your feet and you can promptly notice it.

In the era of Victorians, an owner of a pocket watch wore it on a chain to prevent stealing or losing. Even back then, people came to understand that valuable things should be attached to the body so that they will not accidentally fall from their pockets and get lost. In today’s era, the most valuable thing that a person has is his wallet. As this small case consists of everything we need like ID, credit cards, money, driving license, and many other essentials. Falling and losing the wallet is a disaster, especially for a biker when touring across the country. Hence, a wallet chain is not just for style and trend, it is an essential accessory.  

How to wear a wallet chain

Biker Wallet Chain

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Linkin Park and Lil Wayne have been showing off this one of trendy and fashionable accessories since time immemorial. Once we get used to extra weight at your hip and you how to wear a wallet chain properly, you can enjoy your appearance and the vibe you emit. Let us see how you can appropriately sport wallet chains:

  • The very first step is to combine one end of a chain to the grommet of the wallet. You just need to make sure your billfold has a metal ring for chains. Most of biker wallet designs are having grommets. A wallet chain consists of two spring hooks attached to both sides. Use either hook to fasten a wallet.
  • Now in the second step, make sure that the back pocket of your jeans is able to accommodate your wallet. The pocket in the back should be on the same side of your pants or jeans as a loop for a chain. This will give you more convenient access to your billfold. Also, by keeping the chain and a wallet on the same side can prevent excessive chain tension and also won’t permit it to get tangled. The selection of the side to hang your wallet chain which depends on your dominant hand. But, if you are a right-handed person then place your wallet can chain at the right side. If you’re a lefty then select the opposite location.
  • And now the last step is to fasten the chain clasp to a loop of the belt. As we understand that we need a belt that contains such a loop. If you do not have such an item then you can simply attach a spring hook to one of the front loops of your pants or jeans.

Various styles of wallet chains

Various Styles Of Wallet Chain

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After the steps on how to wear a wallet chain, here are some different styles of wallet chains that we can imply a multitude of styles, designs, and models. Chain wallets are present in various sizes such as short, medium, and long ones. If you are confused which one to select then take a look. If you’re a tough tall man, why don’t you flaunt a long wide chain which emphasizes your imposing physique? If you’re lean and not very tall, a short chain will become the best match for your appearance.  These chains are also suitable for a person who does not want to draw unnecessary attention to their wallets.

Besides, differ in length, wallet chain thickness may also vary. When combining these two features, you will get different types of styles such as massive and long chains, thin and short, elegant and long, burly and short chains. You just need to remember that the thinner and longer a chain, the less durable it is.

Wallet Chain

When it comes to designs, a wallet chain is more than a dozen links that are attached to each other. Though, if you’re seeking for something more eye-catching and extravagant then you can definitely try on various other designs. For example, our online store provides different skull wallet chains characterizing small skulls instead of links. Another better option for eastern mythology buffs is a chain whose shape would be like a dragon. Also, you will find out various motifs which are famous in the biker culture like skeletons, ubiquitous skulls, mythical creatures, crosses, tribal, feisty animals, and Indian themes, and many more.


Now you came to know that a biker wallet chain is not just fashionable or trendy jewelry. It has a very essential function to keep your wallets with you all the time. You cannot be careless when it comes to your belongings, money, and personal stuff. You do not require any intricate gimmicks to protect your wallet from losing or stealing. When we are having the availability of so many nice designs on the market, you can easily find a model to match your personal style and sense of fashion.

Let us know how beneficial this guide on how to wear a wallet chain for you in the comment section below!