Bedding is one of the most essential factors to determine the comfort of your sleep space. If you have the best mattress for you, the material and quality of the comforter, skull sheets, duvet, or skull blanket can make or break your sleep space. With the variety of weaves, materials, and more, finding the perfect skull and crossbone bedding can be a daunting and complicated procedure. But don’t worry at all! Here I have presented this comprehensive guide in order to provide information about everything there is to know about skull sheets bedding.

Skull Sheets

In this guide, you’ll explore the materials and some crucial things that play an important role in completing the perfect bedding, there is to know about the following:

Skull pillowcases and skull sheets

Skull Pillowcases


To choose the right skull pillowcases and sheets bedding you should keep the following factors in mind and you can make your sleep the more comfortable one.


Good material is truly important for the quality set of skull sheets. The selection of the material can depend on numerous factors, including the type of mattress you sleep on, whether you run cold or hot, and how you prefer to wash sheets. Let’s dive in.
  • Cotton: As it is naturally breathable and soft, cotton is the most common fiber which is used to make skull sheets queen. Generally, cotton sheets are easy to care for and get softer with time. It keeps you pleasantly cool at night due to its breathable functionality. There are various types of cotton available including Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and Upland cotton.
  • Polyester: It is a durable synthetic fabric that mimics the lightweight and softness of cotton. It can be blended with other fabrics such as rayon or cotton to make a blended material, or finely woven into microfibers. It is more durable than any other fabric and can be easily washed and dry.
  • Microfiber: Microfiber is made out of fibers like its name that are finely woven. This material has to be a specific thickness in diameter to qualify as such. These can be made from nylon polymers, polyester, or even wood pulp.  
  • Lyocell: Like polyester, Lyocell is also a synthetic fabric which mimics the softness of cotton. It needs less chemical processing than any other natural fibers, synthetic, and some consider it a more eco-friendly option though it should never be considered as organic or natural. It is impervious to abrasion, aging, and sunlight.
  • Bamboo: It can be a misleading term when used in conjunction with bedding sheets. This fabric is not made directly from bamboo plants; instead, bamboo pulp is processed with chemicals to design a synthetic rayon-viscose fiber. It is buoyant and soft, as like Lyocell. You will likely to enjoy the cozy feel. Bamboo bedding sheets are long-lasting than some other types.
  • Silk: It is a natural protein secreted by silkworms that can be woven into a luxury material that is breathable, cool, and exceptionally lightweight, as well as hypoallergenic. Silk is the strongest natural fiber that cannot be easily worn and tear and gives extremely soft, cozy and luxurious feel when used.


It is just as essential as materials used on your pillowcases and sheets. When a textile manufacturer puts together various materials, they’ve to decide on the style of weave. It means to interlace two yarns together that form a fabric or cloth. The procedure of interweaving such materials can determine their strength and shape. Few fabrics are also better with certain weaves. For instance, silk can be put together with a satin weave. Satin, Percale, Flannel, Twill, Jersey, etc. are some types of weaves.


Everyone has confronted a fitted sheet that does not fit well actually. But there are several ways to prevent this from happening in the future. Make sure you can be aware of the thickness of your mattress and the pocket depth of the sheets you want to purchase. The depth of the pocket refers to the thickest mattress size that a bottom sheet will properly fit over. For instance, a fitted sheet with a pocket depth of up to 16 inches will be too small in case of mattresses that are thicker than 16 inches.

Duvets and comforters insert

After pillowcases and sheets, let’s take a look at duvets and comforters inserts which plays a role in perfect bedding. Fills and outer shell materials create a big difference and we will look at each one.

By definition, a comforter is a single-piece bedding cover which is filled with feathers, down, wool, or down alternative synthetic fibers. All four sides of the comforters are quilted or stitched to prevent the fill from escaping. On the other hand, a duvet has two components: the duvet cover and the duvet insert. The duvet insert such as comforter is filled with synthetic or down fibers. The duvet cover is like a pillowcase and features an opening on one side for the insert. However, the one thing to note is that comforters are double as duvet inserts when placed inside a duvet cover.  


 Skull Blanket

A blanket is another important thing that completes the couples bedding system. It refers to the insulating layer between the comforter and the top sheet. Some people prefer to tuck their blanket into the sides of their mattress for extra cozy and warm, while some others let the blanket rest freely on the top sheet. Either way, blankets are sized slightly wider and longer than mattresses to give some overlap on the sides. Usually, blankets are made up of cotton, wool, polyester, Cashmere, acrylic, fleece, and many other materials. Below listed are some of the different blanket types.
  • Standard blanket: it is hard to define what a standard blanket is, but I define it as one that is suitable in most standard sizes such as Double, twin, queen, and king.
  • Afghan: These blankets have large holes in their stitching as they are usually crocheted. These blankets won’t give much heat but they are a good addition for your home decor.
  • Throw: A throw blanket is good to have around your house than on a bed. Usually, throw blankets are about 70 X 50 inches and lighter than a standard blanket. Most people like to drape their throws over a chair or couch.
  • Weighted blanket: They have become increasingly popular over the years that can range from 5 to 30 pounds. This pressure can help with calmness, mental wellbeing, and sleep. The procedure of using a weighted blanket for stress relief is called grounding.
  • Heated blanket: These blankets go an extra step with an internal electric mechanism. When you switch it on, it provides you built-in heat.


The only thing matter in bedding is that you can sleep well and can be comfortable. After running through this guide, I hope it will help you in choosing the perfect bedding, let us know in the comment section!