If you are an eager biker or just going to buy a two-wheeler, then you need to make sure you have suitable clothes. Biker clothing does not only belong to style and fashion (however, we cannot deny that biker outfits look appealing and stylish) but also they can help to protect your bones if you meet with an accident as well as also provide the desired level of comfort while riding.  

Biker Clothes

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It is a fact that experienced biker will never go on a ride without appropriate yet their special clothing and protective gears. Specialized biker clothes are must not only as riders try to look stud and stylish and feel comfortable. Reliable bike gears are a necessary element to keep a biker sound and safe. They help in providing protection when touring and also help to stave off many injuries or troubles in the event of an accident.


Biker Helmet

Biker Helmet

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If we are talking about bike riding then what is the mandatory equipment for every biker that comes first in our mind? If you are thinking “helmet” then you’re absolutely right. It is a major element of protection. Of course, some malcontent bikers refuse to wear a helmet as they confront society and all the rules it wishes to impose. Many of the riders are superstitious and believe that some charms or skull amulets can guard and save them. Riding a bike, especially fast involves constant risk. Therefore, you need to provide proper protection if you value well-being and your life. A helmet provides effective protection against branches, dust, stones flying from under the wheels of a bike, and wind. Although, the chief purpose of a helmet is to save a riding person from injuries, bruises, and serious damage if he/she falls off. Most of the popular brands provide different types of helmets which differ in performance, design, cost and a type of visor. So, choose the one which you like for your safety!


Biker Clothing

Stylish Biker Clothing

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Before going to describe the most important features of biker gears, first, I would like to discuss the basic items that you must have. As I have already mentioned a helmet to protect your head but it is not the only part of the body that need to keep safe. So, below are some other essential gears including:

  • Motorcycle Jackets
  • Motorcycle boots
  • Motorcycle pants
  • Elbow and shoulder armor
  • Gloves
  • Chest shell
  • Goggles to protect your eyes from dust, wind, broken stone, insects, etc.

Biker gear is incomprehensible without any protection for the chest, back, hands, that are the body parts that affected most when we fall off from the bike. The prime attribute of biker clothing is armor that is somewhat identical to the shell of a turtle. Such a protective jacket for a biker is like a scuba gear for a diver. A complete-armor gear provides extensive protection for the back, abdomen, chest, and collarbone.  

Moreover, for full-body protective gears, there are some other types of biker clothing are available. For instance, thick leather jackets can help in saving a rider against abrasions and scratches when falling. This clothing is light enough so it is comfortable and suitable for daily wear. It is mostly liked by the old-school bikers. The only disadvantage of such jackets is that they provide low and poor protection and unable to prevent objectionable injuries if a biker gets into a serious accident. A compromise between weak protection and full armor is professional gears with special hidden pockets with inserts shields. These shields protect the most vulnerable spots such as back, knees, shoulders, elbows, clavicle, etc.

When you’re going to buy protective biker gears, you need to consider various aspects. Here, I have listed some essential and worthy tips that can help you in making choice of the right item easier.  
  • It is not necessarily what type of clothing you are going to buy, but make sure they do not fit too tight. Otherwise, you’ll feel uncomfortable that prevents you from moving freely in your clothes.

  • Always keep in mind, try clothes before buying them. Besides, you can also try them before going on a ride by just putting your overalls or jacket and sit on a bike. In this way, you can understand whether you feel convenient in your riding position or not.    

  • You should pick the clothes that are loose enough to wear a sweater underneath. It will help you when it is chilly weather outside or can be able to save you from getting cold. But, if you are living in a hot climate then you must consider looser clothing as are well and also prevent you from overheating and also allow ventilation.

  • You can avoid wearing black clothing if you’re going to ride in low light conditions as this will help in reducing the visibility to other riders. I understand the black color is always in style and also the first choice and appropriate color for a real man but with the purpose of your safety try to consider bright colors that are clearly visible in twilights.

  • Still, if you want to wear black hot biker clothes then you should complement with reflective strips that can help other riders to make you out in the dark.

  • Always pay attention to durability and seams, especially in the places of a possible impact if you fall. Take some time to carefully examine small details like zippers, pockets, wind protection, etc.   

  • Always keep in mind to check the thickness of the leather. Good leather should be at least 1 mm thicker. More the leather is thicker, the more level of protection it ensures.

  • The biker clothing must have air vents especially for riding in hot weather. This realizes how essential the jacket is equipped with ventilation openings, so the flow of incoming air can help in cool you down.    

Types of material for biker clothing

When we talk about bikers, an image of a ruthless man in leather jacket and leather pants with chains, rivets, and spikes strikes in our mind. Although modern technologies and materials do a slight change in the usual motorcycle clothing, so the textile gears gave a worthy competition to the classic leather jacket. Hence, before purchasing the biker clothing, you should know from which material your gear is made of.

Biker Jacket

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Biker clothes are either made of leather biker clothing or man-made textile. Each of the materials produces biker gears and has its own pros and cons.

These are not limited up to, there are a lot of things to consider when buying biker clothing.

I hope this article gave you certain information that will help you in choosing the right clothing. Do share your thoughts and experience with us in the comment section below!