As we all know that bikers are eager fans of motorcycles. Although you should not confuse them with regular motorcyclists. The major difference between these two concepts is as great as the difference between a motorist and a pedestrian. Do you ever think what makes an ordinary man a cool biker? It is own philosophy, freedom, a unique bike, and symbols. So why don’t you take a closer look at the biker symbols and meanings?      

The most common biker symbols and their meanings are:


Skull Symbol

The skull always represents the fearlessness in the face of danger. Another meaning of the symbol of the skull is protection against death that is also referred to as biker symbols and meanings. There is a concept that when death comes, it leaves a mark on a defunct that is a sign of the skull. But if the person has this sign already then the death thinks that it already has been here and letup the person lone. The symbol of the skull can often be seen in the biker jewelry and tattoos like stunning rings, cool pendants, stylish bracelets, and necklaces.   

Confederate Flag (precisely it’s Naval Jack Version):

Confederate Flag

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The origin of this tradition came from American bikers. It represents the bikers symbols and meanings as non-conformism. It must be noted that not all the motorcyclist have an idea of the historical value of this symbol, bikers patches meaning or they simply don’t attach significance to it, using the Confederate flag as a sign that belongs to the culture of bikers.       

Emblem of the club

Usually, bikers call it the Colors. It is a kind of patch that is sewn on the back of a vest or jacket of the biker. There are a huge motorcycle club patches meanings, it shows from which biker club a particular biker belongs to. Generally, Colors consist of three parts. The uppermost arc-like shaped called “rocker” that indicates the club name. The bottom rocker indicates the city or country where that particular club was organized. And the central part shows the logo and status of the club.  

The MC sign of biker symbols and meanings generally, indicates the club belongs to the category of the Motorcycle Club. There are various types of clubs available with a renowned reputation like MCC (MotorCycles Club), MG (MotoGang), etc. Some of the clubs have their own special patches on the sleeves of a jacket or on the chest of a waistcoat which is on the left side of the biker’s jacket that represents the position or status of the biker in the club like President, Vice President, Treasurer, etc. Also, some have the patch with biker’s nickname on the front part of the waistcoat.   


Sometimes, we can see the patch of 1% on the waistcoats of badass bikers. This sign appeared after the speech of the head of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA), in which the head stated that all the motorcyclists or bikers are the people who abide the law and some of them or we can say that only one percent of them are outlaws. This speech led to the escalating of the confrontation amongst the MC and the AMA clubs. As a result, the latter one select “1%” as a sign that shows the difference between them from the AMA clubs.       

1% Biker SymbolImage Source


Due to this, since then, the symbol of “1%” patch refers to the independent bikers or MC clubs who consider themselves to be the outlaws. In many movies and media, the 1% clubs are presented as the gangs of criminals. At most of the times it is true but more commonly it just means that a club works according to laws of MC and established informal traditions that every 1% biker have to follow it and now their image is count as a badass who always disobeys or break all rules and regulations which are created by the community or society.


Iron Cross

The Iron Cross symbol was taken over by the American pilots after World War II when the bikers movement originated. Usually, bikers use Iron Cross tattoo which represents their badass image. There is also a huge iron cross tattoo meaning among the bikers. By wearing the rewards of enemies, they protested against the authorities which are created at that time. Although, still there are some doubts arises whether these signs are related to the political views of the bikers or not. Many of the people believe that in this way bikers wish to represent that they are peaceful or civil people.

Iron Cross TattooImage Source


As we can see, the culture of bikers has adopted many different signs and symbols. So, if you want to proudly sport or use one of these symbols then you must have to consider acquiring biker’s sterling silver jewelry from the most reputed online store. The best store always has fine craftsmanship, consist of a collection of unique designs, and attention to details. With such accessories, you will definitely become an object of envy!   

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