If you are going to an interview for a background actor, part of your responsibility is to provide your own wardrobe when you go to shoot. In some cases, production may provide you with a wardrobe, but usually, you will be responsible for creating the perfect garment, yourself.

Fashion and trend change every season. If the job requires you to look like a 90s teenager, you have the knowledge of 90s fashion. Many trends of 1990s trends root from 80s rock fashion for guys.

80’s Rock Fashion For Guys

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In the 80s rock fashion for guys, it was long hair, wild costume and a lot of cosmetics.

Men's and women's professional styles use wide straight-leg pants, with blazers and sports jackets, which tend to be more relaxed.

Just like everything 80s rock fashion for guys is almost overworked. The hair is big, the clothes are wild, and there are a lot of cosmetics.

90s costume ideas ground their roots from 80s costume ideas for guys. Many women in 1990s wear denim button western shirts, medium and dark green, red and purple colored jeans, metal spandex tights, open back crop tops, drain jeans, color tights, bike shorts, black leather jacket with shoulder pads, Dolls wear bicycle shorts or Capri tights and a skating dress.

Mentioned below are some fashion trends followed in the 1990s, and it will be helpful for the next time you have to put together the look of the 90s.

Know the exact look of the 90s

80’s Rock Fashion For Guys

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Every decade has an outstanding fashion trend, these trends have become fashion trends, but the style has been changing for many years, so don't assume that the clothing you want is suitable for any of the 1950s projects you booked.

When you are a part of a band, directors will give you details of what outfit you should choose. Sometimes these will include the specific style you want to mimic, and for others, you will have the opportunity to create your own look.

If you're making a show that has already aired an episode, study the characters and backgrounds. These can give you the idea of a palette and style.

Style base in the early 1990s

Many trends that began in the late 1980s continued into the early 1990s, including the use of fluorescent colors on sweatpants, t-shirts, leather pants and motorcycle jackets. The most popular clothing colors are blue, green, orange, pink and yellow, usually paired with comics and pop art.

Common appearances for women are tailored tops, black leather jackets with shoulder pads, colored or embroidered jeans, casual socks, Keds or ballet flats.

Men's clothing includes bright funny graphic tee shirts, denim overalls, colorful jeans, striped sweaters, motorcycle jackets or Letterman jackets, casual socks and skull sneakers.

The style foundation of the mid-1990s

By 1994, fashion has turned to a more sophisticated fit. Women who were popular in the mid-1990s included tailored skirts and trousers, slip skirts, hot pants, skirts, metallic, sequins and vinyl fabrics. Since the early 1990s, animal prints and bright colors have become popular relics.

Men's clothing also has bold prints, the most common being Hawaiian and paisley patterns, sweatshirts, graphic tee shirts, leather jackets, and velvet blazers.

In the 80s fashion men suits were often looser with pinstripes, wide lapels, and navy blue and charcoal double-breasted jackets.

Style base in the late 1990s

The two main influences on fashion in the late 1990s were the revival of women's clothing and men's business and leisure in the 1970s.

The revival style of the 1970s was inspired by disco style and focused on women's fashion. Popular clothing items are black or red leather (or pleather) pants, fitted shirts, open back tops, cropped tanks, flared pants and platform shoes. From the darker rock tones to plums, navy, and red, the palette is brighter.

The Internet boom includes men's business casual look, including dress slacks, chinos, khakis, belts, long-sleeved button-down shirts, sweaters, dark socks, dress shoes, and optional ties.

A more formal look is a three or four-button single-breasted suit, a bright tie, and a matching shirt. All black suits, shirts, and ties are also popular for men.

Type of appearance in the 1990s


The most popular one in the early 90s looked like grunge. It entered the mainstream fashion world in 1992 when rock bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden became more popular.

This look includes a dark plaid flannel shirt, stonewashed or shredded jeans, Doc Martens, boots, Birkenstocks and high-top sneakers. Singles and realistic bites, as well as movies such as My So-Called Life, are good examples of rock style.

Modern preppy student

The appearance of the matriculation was popularized on the screens preserved by Bell and Clueless. For women, this look means plaid or plaid skirts, sweaters, dresses, and knee-high boots. Men's clothing includes khakis, navy blue blazers, button-down shirts, nautical striped T-shirts and sweaters.

Preppy's appearance is often associated with wealthy teenagers and inspired by classic conservative style.


The punk style became popular in the mid to late 1990s, especially among skaters. The look of the 90s is mainly composed of black, red tartan, dark T-shirt, hoodie, leather jacket, skull boots, and skates. If you need punk-inspired inspiration, check out bands like Green Day, Blink-182 and Sum 41, or Spike and Drusilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Punk fashion

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Hip hop

Famous fashion artists such as MC Hammer, Tupac, N.W.A. And Public Enemy had a major impact on the fashion of the 1990s. These exterior features wide-leg jeans, sportswear, bomber jacket, gold chain, and snapback hat. For inspiration on the Hip-Hop look, check out the Menace II Society and Boyz n the Hood.


Just like the 80s rock fashion for guys, 90s also followed the long hair, the clothes are wild, and a lot of cosmetics. Just like 80’s rockers, rockers of the 90s followed the same trend and fashion inspired by 1980s style.

Create the look of your 90s

80’s Rock Fashion For Guys

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It is important to showcase the correct, clean, wrinkle-free wardrobe. Again, based on the details provided by Casting Director, and (if any) researching other episodes of the show to match the palette and overall look again into this article, it will help you.

Can you create a perfect 1990s look yourself?