80s rock fashion for guys has emerged through a series of trends. Glam rock fashion is not just about black and masculine clothing. Unlike gothic clothing and punk styles, metal and rock can provide more styles and are constantly evolving every year.

It blends with gorgeous metal, punk rock, and gothic rock, and its fashion influence can still be seen on the streets worn by younger generations and older generations who have the same rock and metal bands from the 80s to the early 90s.

80s rock fashion for guys

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Let us reveal this colorful, glam rock, punk and modern era, to understand and rediscover it from music to fashion.

Classic Glam era (the 60s - 70s)

Glam rock fashion is famous in the UK, from ancestors of the 60s, such as Led Zeppelin and T.Rex in the early 80s and the British rock band Slade.

In the 1970s, David Bowie began to incorporate quirks into his closet and put on a shiny look for his performance. His Ziggy Stardust character gave birth to sparkling rock and hermaphrodite - so futuristic makeup and shiny clothes became a trend.

Flash boots, striped patterns, and quirky clothes have also become followers of New York Dolls, and other music producers.

80s Rock Fashion For Guys

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The 80s-90s: Post Glam Era

Often people wonder how to dress like a unique 80's rocker. The 80s rock fashion for guys pays tribute to the bands of the 70s and adopted a different approach to glam rock fashion.

Large unkempt hair for men, sexy curved clothing, incredible heavy makeup, iconic guitar riffs, spandex, studs, spikes, distressed denim, metallic, armor, platform shoes, and animals patterns are incorporated into its clothing.

There is a different type of ornate metal that crosses and blends, which is another sub-type of glam rock, moving in the direction of heavy metal and hair metal.

Although some of the colorful trends from the classic and post-glam era have begun to disappear, there have been more fashion trends in mixing and matching clothing.

1980's rock fashion

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Most male musicians like Bowie are still able to perfectly complete the concept of androgyny. These musicians sold double or even triple the platinum sales on their albums and greatly influenced the trends from the late 1980s to the early 1990s.

The new era of Glam rock

Music and fashion have evolved over the years, and new artists are constantly emerging and developing their identity and iconic style, while still paying tribute to and gaining inspiration from early musicians and trendsetters.

The American rock band Black Veil Brides adds punk style including motorcycle jackets, gothic dress and gothic shoes to their style with long hair and black make-up, body painting, and tight-fitting rivets.

The latest band was inspired by KISS, Motley Crue and the gorgeous metal show of the 80s, the German rock band Tokio Hotel. Bill Kaulitz has hair, femininity and clothing style, mostly inspired by Bowie. His smoky eyes and painted nails have shocked the glam rock style.

The new era

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Steel Panther is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California, known for its filthy and humorous songs and crazy stage characters. So far, the quartet still has the look for 80s fashion men.

80s rock fashion for guys

In 80s rock fashion for guys, men wore jeans often with motorcycle jackets. T-shirts and loose shirts are also popular during this time, while flying jackets, leather jackets, windbreakers and sweaters are the first choice for jackets.

When it comes to footwear, white skull sneakers are the most suitable casual shoes for all kinds of looks.

The 80s rocker era was of hip hop. Therefore, the decade is characterized by bold style, bright colors and eye-catching outlines.

80s costume ideas for guys include hip hop, college style, sports, rock and punk style.

80s rock fashion for guys

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Big hair

Post Glam era contains subcultures like Hair Metal, the bigger the hair, the better. But beware, because those thick and shiny hairs require a lot of hair gel. Hair tanning and perm for headscarves are common metal men's accessories.

80's men's hip hop fashion

Hip hop is another popular fashion trend of the 1980s. Inspired and influenced by music stars and rappers, such as Run-D.M.C, members of Beastie Boys and N.W.A, this style is known for its oversized silhouette. With loose clothing, hip hop fashion also has sportswear details such as sneakers and sports caps, as well as a thick gold chain and other statement accessories.

Animal pictures

If you don't have any leopard prints then you need to get one! Dressed by many famous rock stars, animal prints complement the texture of spandex.

Sequins, flashes, studs, and studs

Promoted by David Bowie, gorgeous sequins and flash remind us of disco lights and gorgeous shows. Although now it must be a major fashion foul, wear today, as a rebel, you just like to turn your head.

80s Preppy fashion

Preppy fashion also played an important role in the 1980s. Unlike the hip-hop trend, which usually features dark tones, the rehearsal has bright tones, including pink, yellow and blue. The main items of academic fashion include sweaters; men often wear them on the shoulders, as well as casual pants and polo shirts.

80's men's punk fashion

Although the rock music of the 80s often presented a gorgeous style, this decade's punk style is clearly more avant-garde. Although the trend still sees a lot of leather, it has more hardware and eye-catching hairstyles, including bright Mohawk and spikes.

80s summer fashion

Summer fashion in the 1980s is iconic. It has vibrant colors, abstract prints, short-sleeved shirts and shorts. Another popular item at that time was the cropped top, which was square and worn across the stomach.

Sportswear-inspired by 80s rock fashion

Sports and leisure may be very popular today, but sportswear has always been a favorite of men. In the 1980s, exercise fashion was huge, and it saw a range of sportswear styles used as everyday clothing, including thick sneakers, sweatpants, sportswear, windbreakers, and sports shorts.

All of these street style ideas have the unique touch of Glam rock. There is no clear rule in fashion for stratification and matching. So have fun!