Call it the golden era of the bright colored and sky-high hairstyle. Yes, we are talking about the famous rock fashion era 80s. Many of the fashion trends of today have their roots in the 80s and some of the styles today have serious inspiration from 80s rockn roll outfits- particularly the rock/alternative scene. Definitely, most of the rock and roll fashion trends from the 80s are recycled today.

Let's have a look at the top rock n roll fashion trends from the 80s that still ruled the fashion world today. See if you can add some of the nostalgic rock styles to your outfit today. Make sure you stay away from the mullet, bro!


Black was the go-to color for the popular rockers in the 80s whether it was in the form of black graphic-tee, denim or leather and it is still trendy today. With the abundance of the black accessories in style and the add-ons, black was trending in the 80s. Even today black color gives a solid balance in everything.

Unisex makeup

Unisex makeup

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Let alone the hairspray, not even makeup was exclusive for the gorgeous ladies in 80s. However, blush and lipstick were used by ladies to show off feminism and as a way of self-expression. Not exactly the same is in style today, but we entirely respect the message is relayed.

Concert tees

When it comes to the rock and roll fashion era of the 80s, concert tees are a given. The actual design and the quality of the fabric used in concert tees made them hot commodity on and off the stage. Just like tees, the black colored stage clothes for musicians rocked during the ’80s. Today even 30 years later they still look dope and the new millennium proves that. Just like music and all other style, things from the 80s get better with age.

Faded denim

Faded denim is still an iconic trend in fashion. You need to put some serious effort in order to achieve this look. Brace yourself for countless wears without washing, and sleeping in the same jeans for a couple of nights and be ready to get on your knees for a dope guitar solo.



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Nothing was more popular than a Mohawk during the 80s. People who had a spiked strip of hair running down the middle of the cranium would definitely stand out among all others. The height of the Mohawk could reach the pearly gates. The style was very popular, but it takes much effort to balance it on a daily basis.

Leather jacket

An oversized leather motorcycle jacket is perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of the 80s. It can rock the fashion world today but the 80s were all about box-shaped silhouette look and the padded-shoulders.

The leather motorcycle jackets made our favorite rock stars from the 80s look like letter V and added comfort to both on and off the stage.


Perhaps this was one of the major fashion fails from the ’80s. Mullets were considered to be rocking during the ’80s and they never appeared back in fashion. Punk rock goddesses, heavy metal kings, and screaming fans jumped on the bandwagon. The only place where you can get mullets is our memories, rest hands down a mullet is the first thing that comes to our minds, when we talk about the rock and roll fashion.

Technicolor denim

If you think the new jeans you bought from the store today is a new trend, forget it! During the 80’s the more eye-catching your jeans were, they more you stood out among your friends. Thick stylish chains hanging from your jeans didn’t hurt the look, either. All the popular trends from 80’s come and go back and these bad boys are not exempt.

Men with hair- and lots and lots of it

A man’s mane was completely normal back in 80’s - it would rock out if you were particularly a guitar player - we are talking about some serious hang time. The hair was enough to beat out ladies - lengthwise, think way below the shoulders.

Combat boots

Aside from the most polished mullets they have, guys would look tougher with their combat boots. All it took for men to show off their masculine was a pair of combat skull boots. They were cracked and scuffed with a buckle, and preferably brass.



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The frames and the shapes of the sunglasses came in a variety of sizes and colors. They had the Star Trek-inspired aviators to the checkered patterns. You couldn’t go wrong with a bright colored frame or the all-black look.

Ripped clothes

One of the major trends from the ’80s was to rip your clots using sandpaper or just scissors. All those who wear torn and tattered clothes were considered as hardcore rockers. Leather motorcycle jackets with ripped sleeves, sliced up shirts and jeans with holes were all the rage.


Remember, the ’80s was all about having long and heavy hair, therefore a bandana had the same significance back then. A bandana was a must to be part of the rock band in the ’80s. The main purpose of a bandana was to avoid messing up your hair.

Padded shoulder blazer

Everything looked too bigger in the 80s including the rocking blazers. You could get limitless when it comes to how far and high should be the shoulder pads, but the art of the style was entirely dependent upon the various patterns. Although there are too many names, the baroque-inspired and the denim prints were more popular among all others.

Biker gloves

Biker gloves

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So your mullet is picked to perfect, you have got your aviator shades and the big leather jacket. The only thing which is missing to give the best classic rock look is a pair of biker gloves. These gloves are usually made of leather and are fingerless. The gloves were definitely unisex, but ones for the women had some sort of lace built in. A pair of stylish gloves was a perfect accessory to enhance your 80’s rock fashion.

Do you think we have missed any rock and roll fashion tips on our list? Please share so that we can add them to our list.