One of the best things for your self-expression is the tattoos. They make you invoke to your friends your feelings as well as your thoughts through a specific tattoo in your body. With its importance, therefore, why not get a tattoo then? This will be one of your big questions you will have if you have come along the importance of having a tattoo.

However, where you are not careful on the type of tattoo you have on your body, you might get a tattoo which expresses you differently than your thoughts were at your initial points. With this, there is then a high need of making the right decision in choosing the type of tattoo on your body. Remember that a tattoo is there to stay hence take your time and make the right decision to avoid future regrets. Below are some of the 5 tattoos you should avoid and 5 tattoos you will want to get instead.

5 Tattoos to Avoid

Some of the tattoos to avoid include the following;

  1. A Lover’s Name Tattoo – Getting someone’s name on your tattoo is one of the top tattoos you should avoid. However tattooing your parent’s, your child’s, or your wife’s name could be a better recommendation where they have passed away as it can be one of the best ways to honor they through your body art.

This is however not the case when it comes to your loved ones. Therefore, you need to avoid any tattoo of your lover. This is because many relationships do not last forever with which some even end up ending with much hurting. If you get such a tattoo and your relationship ends up breaking, you will need to pass through much pain for its removal in the future and this may give you reasons not to get a tattoo in future.

  1. Foreign Languages – The second tattoo you need to avoid is of the languages you do not speak. This is so as you never understand the clear meaning of this tattoo. You might love some movies together with some sitcoms on some of their scenes through which some characters might portray some strengths you might love. However, if you get some of the real meanings of these words, you might find out that their use was just a representation with their actual meaning differing with what got referred in these movies. With this, therefore, ensure that you incorporate the tattoos you only understand in the language you speak fluently.
  2. Tattoos of Memes – Memes are one of the funny things which get much popularity for a short period. However, these memes lose their sense of meaning within a very short After this, they then become outdated and even forgotten after the period they were in popularity. Though these memes could have a specific meaning now, the meaning could change with time.

 <img data-src="meme tattoo.jpg" alt=" a meme tattoo on Meghan Fox with lines from King Leah">

Meme Tattoo (Source: Laura-Blaise McDowell)

  1. Tattooing while you are drunk – Avoid any decision of having a tattoo while you are drunk. This is so as you will never make an informed decision while you are drunk. To ensure you do not decide to have a tattoo while you are drunk, make sure that you inform your friends when you start drinking so that they protect you from getting any tattoo which might come from influence.
  2. Portrait Tattoos – If you are looking to have a tattoo of your loved one, kindly avoid the portrait tattoos. This is because a portrait tattoo is quite difficult to have on your body and they will only require the highly skilled tattoo artists. However, you will never find a tattoo artist disqualifying their experience, and the final result will be that you will get what you did not love.

<img data-src="portrait tattoo.jpg" alt=" a portrait tattoo showing how a portrait can appear quite different from the real picture when used on a tattoo">

Portrait Tattoo (Source: Tattoo Artists Magazine)

5 Tattoos you will want instead include the following;

  1. Get a shared interest on your tattoo with your lover – Where you love to have a representation of your loved one on your body, rather than having the name of the lover, pick one of your best interests you both share. This will give you a bonding experience, e.g. having a horse which matches with that of the love of your lover.
  2. Use significant symbols to represent meanings – Where you are looking to represent some of the languages you do not understand, then it will be advisable to make use of some of the significant symbols. You can use such symbols in signifying strengths instead of choosing a specific word in a foreign language you may not understand.

 <img data-src="leg tattoo.jpg" alt=" a leg tattoo with a strong message">

  1. Make use of inspirational phrases and words rather than memes – As memes will last for a short period, you may consider using the inspirational phrases and words from the memes after the translation of the meaning. This is to avoid the horror of having to explain at a later date what the meme means after it has lost its meaning.
  2. The tattoo only planned tattoos carefully – With the thought that your tattoo is to be there for the rest of your life, have a serious thought about the tattoo you want and ensure that you get it under a planned schedule. You can find your best friends in this area and inform them to ensure that they provide the best advice to ensure you get the best on your tattooing.
  3. Consider using a meaningful reminder – If you are looking forward to celebrating your loved ones, instead of making use of a portrait tattoo, it would be better where you make use of a meaningful reminder such as the birthdate among many other options. You might choose to use a certain quote which might be a good reminder for your loved one.

In conclusion, there are many reasons to get a tattoo compared to the reasons not to get a tattoo. With this, you will then find much importance in having a tattoo. However, coming with the best can be challenging as we have seen from the above article. We have provided you with full guidance on the 5 tattoos to avoid and 5 tattoos you will want to get instead.