Jewelry with skulls, bones, and skeletons has long been fashionable and are on-trend. At present, any fashionista should have at least one accessory with a skull whether it is a skull ring, skull pendant, skull earrings or any ornament in the form of bones. Bones and skull jewelry is a must have for the new season.  

In the beginning, most of the people rejected the idea of wearing skull rings or pendants but with the course of time skull jewelry has raised on a fashion pedestal.

As skull jewelry is mostly liked by the people nowadays and skull rings set its own new trend in the world of fashion. They have been around for dickers, possibly more. But in recent times, its popularity has skyrocketed thanks to a celebrity-obsessed generation that peers into a fashion lifestyle which is followed by celebs.

Skull Ring


And Hollywood’s obsession with the skull represents no sign of warning anytime anon. But it is not just limited to Hollywood. Rock stars, sportsmen, pop icons and even the jeo loves to sport the skull. What is about the skull which makes it famous among both classes and masses?

Nowadays, we analyze the main cause behind the unfading obsession with the skull and also reminds some of the celebrities who wear it like a boss on their fingers. This trend makes skull rings famous. They are available in different varieties as skull rings for her or him in the market. 


The symbolism behind the skull

Most people associate skull rings meaning with biker gangs with leather-clad and the subcultures of the 70s which undoubtedly plays a major role in making it a most famous fashion accessory. But the symbolism behind the skull jewelry dates much sooner.   

It is considered that the use of the human skull as a similar object tends to the early 14th century when it was usual to make use of skull of the enemy as a sign of victory in the war. The practice is said to have produced by England but soon it has elaborated to other parts of the world.

Art was always fascinated by the skull and macabre with its deep-rooted historical use which is associated with death and mortality has been a continual inspiration to portray different emotions. Although, Shakespeare used it repeatedly in his work.

Eventually, it graduated into symbolizing danger and different additions such as wings and cross bone was added to it. In particular, the wings represent afterlife. The growth in the popularity in the recent times has nothing to do with the symbolism and history though, and everything to do with the uniqueness which brings to the wearer.


Why people like to wear skull rings

One of the less-known aspects of the skull related symbolism is that it is used to represent masculinity and strength and which can be one of the causes of why it remains so popular among people. 


After Life:

Whether you believe in rebirth or not, skull rings are used as a memory of a loved one passing away and then it is also a belief that there is a life after death. Instead of portraying a knotty reminder that demise looms large over us, it is pondered as the celebration of life that can happen after one dies. Most of the people have to wear cool skull designs with their rings from valuable metals and accessorized them with different gemstones to customize it.  


Be it the notorious gun clubs of the underworld or the biker gang subculture, wearing the skull which is considered as the bravery, masculinity, and rebellion. Men use to wear skull ring every day along with other jewelry to clog it from standing out or appearing like a sore thumb. But the fact behind is that it makes them feel better and confident about themselves. In a very famous and interesting article, I read about a person who wears a skull ring because he and his wife were suffering from Mesothelioma and fought against that disease successfully. As per his perception, the skull reminds him of his resilience in the face of adversity. But it is not the only example that I have heard of the skull ring representation something other than what it is usually associated with. Also, it was considered as the symbol of power too by the monks in ancient Tibet.  

Because it is cool:

If you don’t need to associate it with symbolism, skull rings dementedly cool. They depict individuality, freedom and the fact that you do not follow the rules set by society. It means to make your own rules and live your life by them.

It’s a staple for rock lovers:

If you are a big fan of rock stars and love rock then you might have your own collection of skull ring and might be you wouldn’t be caught without it in fingers. You might have a ring like Keith Richards skull ring from Rolling Stones who insanely sported the skull ring forever. Axel Rose or Steve Tyler and almost every rock star have skull jewelry in one way or the other. You can easily find skull rings made up of sterling silver or stainless steel which exactly look like the original ring and are available in a whole array of cool skull designs.

Stainless skull ring


Some celebs who sport skull rings

Skull rings are commonly associated with rock stars because of their overall edgy look with tattoos and leather which dominates their fashion ensemble. But skull rings are not limited to rock stars, here are some other names who have been sporting the skull jewelry.

Johnny Depp: Johnny has a huge collection of skull rings including a wedding band. His obsession towards skull doesn’t end there, he also sports tattoo which is of skull and crossbones.

Rita Ora: she has been spotted wearing skull not just as a ring but with contemporary skull printed outfit with matching skull bangles.

Joe Manganiello: Joe takes his obsession with skull ring on the sets of “Day of the dead”. Even he has been spotted on many occasions with skull rings.

Besides these, there are many more who has obsession od skull jewelry. You can use it as a sign that represents darkness but you can also portray your courage by using it. It can be rebellious, casual or plain edgy. The answer to our main question is YES! In 2019, skull rings are one of the most versatile jewelry pieces in the world and you will never find yourself short of reasons to wear it.