One of the trendy style during the 1970s was punk fashion. People would adopt several types of punk fashion and have a punk rock look to standout. Punk Rock is a musical genre developed in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia in the mid-1970s.

The word punk is often associated with a classy and unique look which is not so friendly. Punks used to wear atrocious clothes including skull pendants and skull boots to deliberately cause shock and express social alienation.

The Best Types Of Punk Fashion Items

Are you a fan of punk rock styles and the rock bands? Here is a list of items that you can add to your wardrobe to rock in real punk rock style. Check out the list of essential clothes and accessories that are essential for a punk fashion.

  • 1. Punk leather jacket

  • Punk Leather Jacket

    Due to several reasons, punk leather jackets are ranked as the number one items for punk rock style. These leather jackets are classic particularly motorcycle jackets, and they have been in style for a very long time.

    If you go to a concert or music festival in the evening, you will definitely get a bit cold. Better to wear a black leather jacket to keep warm and maintain your punk rock style.

    2. Punk boots go perfect with jeans


    Punk boots

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    Punk skull boots come in a variety of colors. These boots are the perfect choice to rock at any occasion particularly during the Day Of Dead. Whether you are wearing tights or ripped jeans and a t-shirt or a girly dolly dress, these punk boots go perfect with every any outfit of your choice.

    3. Choose spiked clothing and your favorite accessories

    A signature of punk rock style is spiked clothes and cool punk accessories. All these pierced clothes and accessories will give you a real punk rock look. Particularly quirky spiked jackets, shirts, pants, jewelry, and other accessories are a good choice.

    You can also pair your metal trim with a simple solid color to make your studs stand out. Some awesome accessories that are required for punk rock styles are headbands, chains, bracelets, wallets, and rivets.

    You can add more cool and classy accessories to your punk rock collection. Dark shade makeup like black and brown shades, lip colors and eye shadow can give a hot chic look.

    4. Plaid and checkered patterns

    If you don't wear a plaid pattern, are you really punk? From classic flannel button-down shirts to flared skirts, plaids can be found in every type of punk rock outfit. Checkered patterns don't just stay on clothes – you can look for backpacks, cute scarves, and a more perfect plaid look.

    5. Punk accessories- skull ring and skull bracelets

    Skull rings

    Have you heard of the famous punk rings? Well, they are the key to perfect punk accessories. These punk skull rings come in all sizes. Whether you prefer a small ring, a large, or a thick ring, the skull adds avant-garde to your accessory game. Wear one or one on each finger!

    Types of punk fashion include a variety of styles which can help you stand out. Punk skull rings with dark lipstick and enamel earrings can give you a perfect look with a punk rock style. 

    6. Feminine style rock dress

    If you are looking for a feminine punk style dress, you can try skull hoddie dress for a power-pack girl look. Choose the rich colors of your choice to make interesting patterns. You can also find the right avant-garde dress of your taste.

    You can dress up in flat-heeled high heels and leather jackets, or dress up in a sloppy dress or plaid skirt, or just by wearing combat boots and an oversized cardigan to through a perfect punk rock style look.

    7. For winters choose punk hoodies

    No matter what, hoodies are our favorite winter items. Especially for those days when you just want to lie in bed, you just need to wear a skull hoodie of your choice for a comfortable style.

    You can wear ripped jeans, patterned t-shirts, embellished or patterned hoodies, skull boots or sneakers to complete your punk style outfit.

    8. Chic leather corset

    punk corset

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    Corsets are perfect for females who want to rock in a perfect punk rock look. Wearing a leather corset gives you a sturdy, and hard-core look. A laced-up corset worn as a top is perfect for spending the night with your girl’s gang or going to a punk rock concert.

    To turn your corset into a versatile casual item, wear a lace-up vest or t-shirt on it. Finish it by pairing a corset with a cool vintage jacket or leather jacket of your choice.

    9. Punk hair color

    Punk hair colors

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    You only live once right? Then why to be afraid of rocking in a great punk hair color. You can choose from sweet pastels to bold colors. Choosing a color is very easy and to find the best color, that will look beautiful on your hair and matches your personality is a hard choice.

    If you think dying your hair will cause damage to your hair? Then don’t do it, you can get colored wigs which is another great option to add temporary colors and keep your look alive.

    10. Punk bags

    Your punk outfit is not completed yet? Choose a skeleton pattern tote or messenger skull bag for everyday use for work or school, or you can carry a small cross body bag for everyday wear. Wearing an avant-garde bag can add another punky twist to your everyday wear dresses, or you can pair it with a t-shirt and jeans.

    And finally, to rock the entire punk style look, you can match your patterned t-shirt with a plaid punk skirt. Dark washed jeans or leather pants are other great options to wear a patterned t-shirt with a stunning rock style. All you need now is a pair of great punk styled shoes to complete your gear! Some dark shade makeup and sunglasses will compliment your entire style.


    Punk fashion never goes out of style. We have a variety of punk fashion accessories for you which you can choose from. So which types of punk fashion do you love the most? Let us know in the comments section below!